Double-Locking Suction Hook

Double-Locking Suction Hook
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This double-locking suction hook makes an ideal, temporary hanging solution. Just mount the suction cup on any smooth, flat, nonporous surface, lock it in place with the flip-down locking mechanism, and the hook will hold up to 5 lbs [2.25 kg]. When you also flip the hook to hang downward, the heavy-duty rubber suction cup will support up to 10 lbs [4.5 kg]. Temporarily hang towels, bathrobes or potted plants. When you're ready to move on, simply flip the locking mechanisms up to release the cup and the double-locking suction hook goes with you, providing a convenient, portable hanging solution.


  • Made of ABS polycarbonate with durable rubber pad.
  • Attaches to any clean, flat, smooth, nonporous surface.
  • Locking suction mechanism keeps hook firmly in place.
  • Attached hook provides temporary and portable hanging solution.


  • ABS polycarbonate with 2.5 inch [6 cm] rubber pad
  • 5 lbs [2.25 kg] capacity (when hook is at 90°)
  • 10 lbs [4.5 kg] capacity (when hook is hanging straight down from suction cup)

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