Vacuum mounting cups provide a reliable, temporary suction fastener on almost any smooth, nonporous surface, such as metal or glass. The Cleat, Gripper and Nukklehead offer ideal mounting solutions to cover most applications and capacity requirements.  They can be used as an in-car camera mount for camcorders, spotting scopes, GPS units, cell phones, or computers.  The larger cups are well suited to mounting testing equipment, antennas, lights, signs, and much more.

Vacuum mounts employ a threaded mounting system to fasten accessories and equipment to the vacuum cup. has also teamed with RAM® Mounting Systems and Wood's Powr-Grip to provide a wide variety of mounting solutions.  With more power and reliability than suction cups, vacuum cups attach to either flat or curved surfaces, including filing cabinets, desks, automobiles, boats and recreational vehicles. Since each vacuum mount attaches and releases in seconds, they can be moved quickly from one place to another, without damaging most surfaces.

We have a wide variety of mounting solutions available.  Some, like the Cleat, Gripper and Nukklehead come pre-assembled and ready to use.  But for those of you who need to create a unique vacuum mounting solution for a specific application,  you're sure to find the answer right here at